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San Antonio Home Inspections - Common Defects - Inspector Clouseau Home Inspections
San Antonio Home Inspector 10 most common defects

The following 10 most commonly found defects during inspections have been identified:
  • Roof leaks due to poor flashing and/or roof material failure due to poor installation
  • Water penetration in the basement or crawlspace due to poor surface water control
  • Electrical safety issues due to age of home or homeowner alterations
  • Deterioration of the interior wall material behind shower and tub surround areas
  • Safety concerns associated with improperly installed decks, stairs or railings
  • Heating unit and distribution system problems due to age and workmanship or alterations
  • Structural concerns due to improper construction and/or alterations, or excessive unbalanced load
  • Fire safety issues related to fireplace chimneys
  • Wood deterioration cased by termites or other wood destroying organisms due to local environment or conducive conditions and
  • General fire and safety issues with home ownership.
Contact Inspector Clouseau Home Inspections and schedule an inspection that will seek out these common and those not-so-common defects.

Excerpts from article by Pat Perez - San Antonio Express-News
Protection by Inspection - April 26, 2006

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