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Rod Dunn

Rod Dunn
Professional Inspector
TREC# 7500
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Inspector Clouseau Home Inspections was a pleasure to do business with. Rod's thoroughness, attention to detail and explanations helped me understand what I was about to get into... More
    ~ Elizabeth Delgado, San Antonio

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San Antonio Home Inspector - Our Home Inspector in Training
San Antonio Home Inspector
Rod and Missy

My wife Donna and I were looking for a dog. We love animals and Donna had always had dogs while growing up. We had Missy for 18 years and had to put her to sleep. Missy had a full life and was a great companion at that. We miss her a lot.

Kenzi with Randall, a Seguin Animal Control employeeKenzi was rescued at the Seguin Dog Pound. She was a pup about 8 weeks old. A lady found her in her back yard and called the pound. We took one look at her in that cage and have been in love with her since. That was 8 years ago. We noticed her character was a little different than most puppies. She was very independent and wasn't much of a lap dog.

Kenzi on ottomanAs Kenzi grew, we started searching the web for information about her looks and character. We came to the conclusion that she is definitely a coydog (part coyote and part dog). The dog part is husky. She is very intelligent and howls and yips like a coyote. She is gentle and loves people. When we take her anywhere, people come up and ask us "What kind of dog is that?" Or, "Is that a wolf?" It's like walking with a celebrity. We should teach her to sign autographs.

It's a dog's life...Most of the vendors at Boerne Market Days know Kenzi and enjoy her presence when we take her there. We treat Kenzi like a daughter and she is well behaved. She knows the words we speak and the emotions we show. I believe God created dogs to show us how to love one another unconditionally. Kenzi loves us and knows we love her.

Please rescue a dog or cat at an animal shelter. Your life will change for the better. Visit The Animal Defense League of Texas today!

Hunting Easter eggs...One happy dog...

San Antonio Home Inspector
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